These Clients Started With A Simple Call To Our Team... Look How They Are Doing Now!

From Failed Injections & Surgery to Completing a Triathlon Pain Free

"I was at the point where I could not accept that at 26 I would live with constant, increasing knee pain. I cannot express how much he has changed and improved my life, without sounding overly dramatic. If not already evident from his other reviews, Ben is the best!

At the first session in August, he asked me my goals and I told him I wanted to complete a sprint triathlon in 3 months. Although I had not been able to run or perform intense cardio in about 1.5 years, I was determined to make a change. Within 2 sessions and following the exercises diligently between, I was, and still am, completely free of pain and finished the triathlon without pain or resulting soreness." - Victoria 

From Terrible Back Pain to Squats & Deadlifts Pain Free.

"Ben was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He gave me exercises that helped me recover from a nasty reoccurring lower back issue that was keeping me out of the gym. The exercises and advice he gave me got me back on track in under two months and feeling great. This guy really knows what he is talking about!" - Frank

But what can I do NOW?
We understand that many people wait too long before they recognize that their pain is too unbearable to manage themselves anymore...

Sometimes you just need to talk to a doctor RIGHT NOW to see what your options are to deal with the pain you are in right now.

That is why we offer the option to Talk To A PT 1st. All you have to do is CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW, tell us a little bit about what's going on, and we will quickly set up a FREE Consultation for you with one of our specialists. 

From Previously Failed PT to Running & Dancing

"I've had a knee problem for 2 years when I started working with Dr. Colin Miller, from Pro+Kinetix. I had gone to other PTs with no results. Colin in AMAZING. Within a couple of weeks, my knee was significantly better. 

Working with Colin has brought my very painful and damaged knee back to being able to run and dance. I highly recommend Pro+Kinetix!!" - Christine

From Frustrating Shoulder Pain to Back in the Gym

"Approximately 6 months ago, I injured my shoulder doing some incline bench press / overhead press exercises. Long story short, Ben fixed my shoulder in 3 weeks of treatment.

After just one week of working with Ben, my shoulder started getting better.

I was blown away.

30 days later, I'm back in the gym!" -Paul

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